About Chandra Commercial & Art Institute

'Manab Zamin Roilo Patit, Abad Korle Pholbe Sona' - a great saying of an eminent Bengali Philosopher & People’s singer, where it’s meant - human qualities should be cultivated properly to gain lots of wealth which remain silent in every human mind.  In CCAI we always keep it in mind that the young Indians are the future of the nation; so we always built them up with proper nourishment, a true guidance and a perfect raining.

Since we started our journey, 1st September 1977, it remained our prime motto to create best human resources for the nation.  We feel, without a great pride about the nation no country can improve or develop; we help our students to undergo a healthy cultural and progressive educational system what help them to develop a great feeling to their country, nation, society, language and culture.

There are four divisions in our institute - Language, Vocational, Cultural and IT or Computer Education.  In every division our motto remains active to train students so well that they can face the future and the reality of life, they develop a competitive mentality to face challenges, and ultimately get success in life, both in professional and social.  Keeping this thought as a stone-edict for CCAI we attach a scientific, human, modern and disciplined educational system to our students.  At a regular interval we modify and revise course-syllabus to provide the learners an up-dated knowledge on subject.  We have a strong research and development (R&D) cell which is active round the year to bring various developments in the training and other institutional activities.

In last three decades around 15,000 students received jobs after their training and also an envious figure of students went onto the path of self employment after finishing their training from CCAI.  To provide our students better options in public-private services, presently we are presenting a placement section which working with excellent results.

The institute was established on 1st September 1977.  Every year we observe the day through various celebration programmes.  We arrange annual Convocation, annual competition and exhibition etc.  Joining those activities is a must for our students.  Besides these we also arrange various extra curriculum activities like, School picnic, Educational tours, School sports, Fund collection for the victims of natural calamity / Natural calamity relief program, Publishing School Magazine, arranging Seminars on various subjects, etc.  Joining all school activity is accepted as the manifestation of a grate healthy mind of our students.  We request all the guardians to inspire their children in various activities for their healthy moral development.

We expect great suggestions and constructive thoughts from all our well-wishers, which will help us to find a new path of success.

We also expect well wishes from our students – guardians and all responsible citizens of the country.



Arup Chandra